To coin a phrase..the first rule of Cheryl's surprise 40th birthday party is..."we don't talk about Cheryl's surprise 40th birthday party" !

Dear family and friends


As you probably know, it will very soon be Cheryl's 40th birthday.  I can't let such a special occasion pass without doing something to help her celebrate.  So, I am going to try and arrange a surprise party for her.  I don't think Cheryl will be expecting this.  Partly because I am traditionally a miserable g*t on my own birthday milestones (although I am getting better), and partly because I don't think Cheryl knows just how organised I can be...or how well we can all keep a secret.

I have put this website together because it might otherwise be difficult for you to know what is going on.  Hopefully I have included everything you need to know.  If there is something I've missed, please email me on [email protected]  I'll respond as soon as I can, and hopefully Cheryl will be none the wiser.  

I will need your help to make this possible.  Please try very hard not to say anything to Cheryl.


Also, I'm sure that nearer the time, Cheryl will ask some of you if you'd like to meet up on her birthday for a few drinks.  We need a plan for when she does.  I'm thinking something like "it's a Sunday night.  Wouldn't it be better to do it another night?".  Any other ideas or suggestions welcomed.



So...starting with the important bit:-

Date: Sunday 29th May 2016 (it’s a bank holiday weekend, no work on Monday)

Venue: Mercure Fairfield Manor Hotel, Shipton Road, Skelton, York. YO30 1XW

Time: From 19:00, but please be there before 19:20.


I hope to see you all there, but I know that it is a bank holiday weekend, and school holidays.  So if you already have plans and can't join us, please feel free to add a message in to the guest book.  I'll read all the messages out once I've had a couple of pints to combat the nerves...cos like I don't love being the centre of attention!!!


Hopefully see you all soon, and enjoy the photo gallery --------->